Identify your passion- you relationships will benefit and so with YOU!

If you had just one minute to tell someone what your true passion is…could you do it? It’s important to talk to God about showing you what He designed you for. You have to discover your passions in life, its vital to your happiness, and for you to walk in your calling.  One of the most amazing things you’ll ever experience as you incorporate  passion into your daily life is the unexpected joy you begin to feel in all area’s of your life that seemed mudane before. Passion ignites a fire inside of you, it gives you that extra motivation to accomplish more, and when you feel like your life has purpose and direction  you feel more complete, you feel more fulfilled .  Thats why it affects all your relationships! You are a happier, more content person to be around, you’ll find you have more strength, patience and understanding with those around you. People who have passion for something in their life also tend to be less co-dependent and “needy”, they have tapped into the things that God has given them a passion for and feel a sense of living for something other than themselves.

So make it a point in your life to focus on discovering what your passionate about and then move in a direction that lines your life up with living more passionately.  You’ll become a healthier person and so will all your relationships!


About Relationship Matters

Christian Life Coach, passionate about helping you transform your relationships & your life now!
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