Personality Profile

“It’s about understanding the behavior of people”


The DiSC Personality Test explores people’s behavioral style based on their personality and the situations they find themselves in, revealing your behavioral tendencies under certain situations–How you and others tend to behave under stress, in a team, when in conflict, when communicating, when fearful, when avoiding certain activities, when problem-solving, etc. The DiSC Profile is not only a personality test, but the resulting report also shows your strengths, weaknesses, motivations, behavioral tendencies, and strategies to increase your daily effectiveness in your personal life and career pursuits. THIS TEST HELPS YOU GAIN A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF WHO GOD MADE YOU TO BE! IT’S POWERFUL!

What are the benefits of taking the DISC personality test?

One of the greatest benefits of a DiSC Profile is the development and use of a common language for talking about feelings, thoughts and behavior in a language that is objective and nonjudgmental–describing what is, not what should be.  Instead of being at each other, we can learn to be with each other.

**I am a Certified DISC Facilitator & CHBC- (also recognized as Certified Human Behavior Consultant)

UNLOCKING THE “YOU” PUZZLE: Includes an in depth personality assessment test with :30 minute interpretation session to help you gain a deeper understanding of our results.  

  • You can choose between regular personality test or one focusing on your spiritual gifts.- $25 1 individual test
  • If you would like your spouse to take the personality test too, I offer a couples discount. This is a powerful way learn how the other person “ticks” and will help you understand each other better!!  –  $40 for couple (includes 2 tests).

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