Coaching Packages

Christian Life & Relationship Coaching is a vital investment  in your life. I like to call it your “internal” work out.  We are willing to work out our physical body, try to eat right, & stay healthy but tend to neglect what’s going on, on the inside. We forget that our internal health is just as important, if not more!  The condition of  your life is a direct result of how you’ve developed spiritually, mentally,  & emotionally. Remember it’s never to late to start, and it’s never to late to change. As your coach  I will help you develop your  own personal, unique roadmap to radical change. Right now is the time to get unstuck, to change your thinking,  and to reach new heights you never dreamt possible!  I am your coach, your motivator & with God as your instructor- all change is possible! My services are very affordable to anyone.

Your ready for a coach if:

  1. Your ready to invest time, energy, focus and money in reaching goals, building a better life & becoming more as a person.
  2. You’re ready to develop a new mindset and change your perspective.
  3. If your ready to identify your weaknesses and overcome them by implementing radical change in your habits, & thought life.
  4. If your sick and tired of being sick and tired.
  5. If your determined to capture the life you’ve always dreamt of living so that you can turn around and help the next person get there too.

If you are ready to begin the journey of living a more meaningful life, are stuck and need guidance in getting yourself moving in a better direction or just want to see if coaching is for you, then the introductory coaching session is a perfect way to get started.

So? Get off the sidelines, you’ve got a life to live!

What you can expect in your intro coaching session:

  1. We will indentify your roadblocks, and the “contributing factor’s” as to why  your stuck.
  2. We will explore how to make sure your hearts desires are aligned with God’s purpose and plan for your life.
  3. You’ll learn why and how coaching can benefit you personally.
  4. I will give you a FREE personality profile assessment to help you gain an better understanding of  what makes you tick, to help explain why you do what you do and how to change. ( a $65 dollar value!)
  5. Your will receive a “mini” action plan to begin overcoming your obstacles.

Cost is $59. Session length is  :30min with a customized “mini” action plan sent via email.Coaching is done via skype, in person, or over the phone. All session are strictly confidential.



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